Imagine, two weeks from now...

You’re sitting down to breakfast, checking your email and you see an email from a big-time reporter at The Huffington Post. You open it up and they want to feature your company in an upcoming article.
You got featured in a top media publication!

How did you do it?

First, you created an irresistible Media One Sheet.

With our generators, training, and templates, you can easily create a Media One Sheet that will make any journalist want to write about you. 

Better yet, you can create customized one-sheets at scale, meaning that each pitch you send out is customized to position you, your brand, or your product perfectly.
I know what you are thinking
“Just adding a Media One Sheet isn’t going to start landing me Forbes features overnight.” 

You’d be right. But using Media One Sheets in conjunction with our Media One Ready training you’ll be able to “tighten the bolts” of your pitching pipeline so that everything is working in harmony. We’ve even boiled down our 9 most important pitch elements in our simple Pitch Perfect checklist that we’d love to send you!


Media One Sheets help you create a one-page document that quickly communicates your key messages, bio, and contact info so that producers, reporters, and editors can easily learn about you, what you do, and if you're a good fit for their show.

You’ll be able to get the attention of the media.

And increase your chances of being featured in outlets like The Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more. With our Media One Generators and just 10 minutes of work, you can have a document that will make it easy for them to say yes to featuring you in their publication. 

Plus, our Media One Ready training will show you how to get the most out of your one-sheet to increase your chances of getting featured in the media.


You'll never have to spend hours (or hundreds of dollars) making Media One Sheets again.
Get the attention of a producer, reporter, or editor who wants to feature you.
Increase the rate of pitch responses.
Save time and get more coverage with our Media One Generators.
Increase your chances of getting press for your brand or business.

Meet the Creator

Shanté Micah
Shanté is a veteran of the PR and marketing space. She’s built brands for startups and Fortune 500 companies, walked the red carpet at the Academy Awards and Emmys, been the face and personality for brands and products, and launched many award-winning campaigns.

What's Inside

4 Training Videos
Media One Sheets
Brand Media One Generator
VIP Media One Generator
Product Media One Generator
3 Generators
Brand Media One Generator
VIP Media One Generator
Products and Services Media One Generator
Bonus Content
Pitch Perfect Checklist
Unique Selling Proposition Worksheet


What is a Media One Sheet?
A Media One Sheet is a single page of information about you, your brand, or your product. It’s to give an overview, organized in a simple, visually compelling way to further promote you, your brand, or your product.
What are the benefits of having Media One Generators?
Media One Generators help you create simple, well-designed, thoughtfully formatted, single-page PDF quickly and efficiently. You can create them, edit them, at scale.
What is your refund policy?
All sales are final.

Who is Media One Ready for?

PR Practitioners
Digital Marketers
Business Owners
Communications Specialists

How it works

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  • Justine Tregloan
    The training taught me how to support my pitch with brand, product, and VIP information that producers want to see, and how to present it attractively.

    Arlene McCoy
    Easy, practical, and real-world ready.

    Guy Hawkins
    The generators are an answer to a common roadblock—design time. I can complete the information inputs in the meticulously-crafted sheets which then displays in a beautiful one-pager that’s ready to download and send to the media.