Become the Media's Go-to THOUGHT LEADER

What if you could become the media’s go-to thought leader, as well as turn on your brand’s pitching and publicity machine and increase your visibility, clout, and credibility, all in under 30 days, and without building an internal team or hiring an expensive agency. 

What if you could find top media contacts and establish connections that will improve your pitch to publicity rate, and improve your visibility with your high ticket clients...this month.

The Good NEws Course

Inside the Good News Course, you'll get everything you need to create and launch your own pitching and publicity pipleine so that you can stop wondering how to get your story out there and start becoming the media's go-to thought leader and create the visibility, clout, and credibility that attracts high-ticket clients to you.
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Tell me if this sounds like you:

You’ve wondered about how to get media - top media, industry-specific media, local media, new media - all of it. You’ve wondered how to get your story out there, or how to be your own publicist without a budget. You want to know the best way to create and increase your visibility, clout, and credibility while also attracting high-ticket, high-yield clients, without building an internal team or hiring an expensive agency. You've tried marketing, SEO, ads, and social media and still can't seem to break through the competition or keep up with the ever-changing algorithms.


I help my clients with those same problems every single day. And if you're like any of them, you've probably made some of the same mistakes.


Thinking PR is Only for BIg Organizations
PR is not just for big companies or organizations, but for all companies, including small businesses, startups, and individuals. The goal of PR is to help an organization or individual build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, which is important for any business or individual.
PR is only about promoting good news
While promoting positive news and accomplishments is an important aspect of PR, it’s also important to be prepared to address negative news and manage crisis. Having an always-on mindset means you own your own narrative and are prepared for the good, as well as the bad.
PR is only done by Pr Agencies
While many organizations work with agencies, and/or have an in-house team of professionals, I’ve seen major companies thrive or fail because they didn’t have the right output to succeed. Even while working with a top-five agency. Even while having an internal team full of seasoned pros. They were missing the right operating system. They were missing a blueprint.
PR campaigns can be costly, but there are many cost-effective (and free) ways to reach target audiences and build relationships with key stakeholders at scale while also building the business of your business while spending next to nothing.
PR is a one-time event
PR is not a one-time event, but rather an ongoing process. It requires consistent effort and monitoring to build and maintain relationships with journalists, producers, and editors, and to manage and shape the organization’s reputation over time.
PR can be measured and evaluated through various metrics such as media coverage, engagement, reach, website traffic. PR can also greatly impact many key drivers inside the business, including sales.


Now, let’s imagine for a minute. Imagine being the media’s go-to thought leader on the subject that serves your audience most while simultaneously building your visibility, clout, and credibility.

What would that mean for your business?

How would that attract exactly the customers and clients that you know you serve best?

What would that look like for increasing your value, your bottom line, your upsells?

What would it mean for attracting, effortlessly, new opportunities, through simply sharing your expertise via top media, niche media, and new media?

All of that's possible inside The Good News Course

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Today only…

When you join The Good News Course through the end of today, you'll also get access to two additional trainings, including Media One Ready and three Media One Sheet Generators.

We'll also include our proprietary Meet the Media Training, which is everything you need to meet the media with confidence, clarity, and charisma.


PR Practitioners
Are you a new or experienced PR practitioner? Great! Many of our students are seasoned professionals, yet they still get a TON of value from The Good News Course because they get access to our exclusive Good News Dashboard. 

That means more sales, a higher conversion rate, and less money being left on the table. If your resume is already stacked with successful PR campaigns, imagine how much more successful you'll be if you have access to the playbook of a multimillion dollar online company with 20 years of practical and innovative experience?
Most marketers are well versed in guest posting and are seeing the link decay and overly-transactional tactic that is guest posting and content creation. This is for you if you're wanting to learn how to create more visibility through credible features in top media, industry specific media sites and new media sites.

We will be serving up not only a course and blueprint, but all the insights to manage your own pitching and publicity program for ultimate success.
If you want to get your new business off on the right foot, having a pipeline of media pitches and presence is especially wise for 21st century business owners. 

Right now you may be struggling to get visibility in a competitive marketplace. 

Right now you may be struggling to articulate your own credibility. 

Right now you may want desperately to have more clout, and compete with those who have 10+ years on you.

Basically, this is for you if...

  • You’re a practitioner, new or seasoned, who wants to level up.
  • You’re a marketer who wants to know more about the PR space.
  • You’re a CEO who wants to get your company’s stories out there in top media, local media, and new media.
  • You’re a solopreneur who wants to attract high-ticket clients.
  • You’re a best-selling author who dreams of sharing your body of work with massive audiences (and turning them into your audience).
  • You’re someone who dreams of being the media’s go-to thought leader on the relevant topics and cultural conversations that serve your audience most, while simultaneously building your visibility, clout, and credibility.

On the flip-side...

This is not for you if…

  • You’re looking for “overnight success” or a magic bullet.
  • You’re looking for another way to spam the media, or anyone.
  • You prefer to crowdsource free groups rather than get real, actionable strategy from experts.
  • You’re not interested in growing and scaling your business.
  • You like to move slowly and see a delayed return on your (time and money) investment.
"The Good News program is a potent distillation of decades of real-world experience and up-to-the-moment tips and tricks that fully prepared me to turn on a successful media relations arm for my brand."
"Shante wanted me to succeed. She understood why I wanted to learn this program, and she helped me see how I could implement it for my specific purposes. Through her own authenticity and genuineness, she drove home what the entire program is about--creating human connection with reporters who then deliver engaging messages to the audience that ultimately elevates the brand and meets goals."
"The good news of Good News is that it's doable and delegatable. The simple, succinct, and protein-packed program is filled with practicality and empowerment to turn on your own fully-fledged program within four weeks."
Hello, my name is Shanté, and I’m a veteran of the pitching and publicity space with two decades of PR and marketing experience. I am also a former broadcast journalist and considered an expert in communications. I’ve created many award-winning campaigns and led some wildly successful projects and teams. And I’m here to teach and mentor you on your journey today.
I grew up in a small farm town driving combines and other heavy machinery and since then I've worked for International Sports Broadcasting, host broadcaster for the Olympics, built brands for Fortune 500 companies, lived an ex-pat life in Israel, walked the red carpet at the Academy Awards and Emmys, volunteered in the favelas of Brazil, been the face and personality for brands and products and launched many award-winning campaigns for clients that include Adobe, Citrix, Dell, ESPN and Time Warner Cable and now…I'm a 4-time entrepreneur, a business strategiest, and in-demand consultant on exactly what I’m teaching you today.

Why I Created This:

PR is the single best way that I know how to attract high-ticket, high-yield clients. It’s all about creating visibility, clout, and credibility - simultaneously. It’s also a largely misunderstood space, that I want to demystify for you…starting now.

What they're saying about The Good News Course...

  • "The best part about this program is that it's practical. The Good News dashboard is a clean, visually-fun, all-in-one space to track my media relations activities. The weekly assignments and walk-thru videos were anything but busy work and helped me populate contacts, story ideas, pitches, progress, offers, and media one sheets."
    “Outside of The Good News Dashboard, I was empowered with tool how-tos, daily activity checklists, and templates for pitching, hiring, activity monitoring, and reporting. Clean lists and spreadsheets with formulas that I don’t have to create from scratch? Yes, please!”
    "The technical tutorials are second to none. I didn't realize I could scale my efforts by incorporating a few Power Tools, and I feel empowered (and enabled) to use them immediately and daily to super-start my Good News Program."

What's inside

The Good News Course

Module #1
We’re going to welcome you and set you up to get started. We’ll be doing walk throughs and you’ll receiving your own copy of the Good News Dashboard.
Module #2
We’re going to cover the first aspect of a good news program - and that is knowing who to pitch and how to find them at scale.
Module #3
We’re going to cover the second select of a good news program - and that is knowing what to pitch and how to do that at scale.
Module #4
We’re going to cover the third aspect of a good news program - which is knowing how to do all of this, from the pitching, to preparing to meet the media, to doing it inside the business of your business when you don’t have a team or agency support.
Module #5
We’re going to cover the fourth aspect of a good news program and that is why. We’ll look at the metrics that matter most so you can edit (and manage) for bigger gains as you turn on and scale your Good News Program.
Module #6
Is all things next-level skills, including incredibly powerful media training for you and anyone on your team, and how to scale all other aspects in the most eloquent, non-spammy way.
Module #7
We give you access to our book PR Power Play: Leveraging Media to Market Yourself, Build Your Brand, and Generate Revenue. We’ll also cover what’s next on your journey and how to be a part of our Good News Community and all other things Good News.
Join today! Doors are closing soon.

There's More! You'll Also Get...

The Good News Dashboard ($5000 Value)
A proprietary dashboard for creating, managing, scaling, monitoring and reporting on your Good News Program.
Power Tool Tutorials ($2,000 value)
Powerful tech tutorials to help you scale results in the most elegant, powerful, and non spammy way.
Top Media Starter List ($500 value)
Over 80 top media publications to build out your Dream 100 list.
Headline Starter List ($500 value)
Over 200 headline starters to help get you and your pitch noticed.
Media One Ready ($3,700 value)
A proprietary method on creating media one sheets that match the pace of your pitching game.
Media One Generators ($1,500 value)
Tools to create media one sheets fast and customized for each pitch.
How to scale ebook ($750 value)
A guide to scale your program fast and efficiently inside the business of your business.
Training documents ($1,000 value)
Everything you need to implement in Google doc form.
Email templates and swipe files ($1,000 value)
Pitch email templates.
Worksheets and checklists ($1,200 value)
Everything you need to onboard, train, and align your Good News team.
WorkFlows ($1,000 Value)
Daily sequence of steps, task management, automations, and standardizations for efficiency and productivity.
Meet the Media Training ($2,000 Value)
Everything you need to meet the media with confidence, clarity, and charisma.

Today only...

When you join The Good News Course through the end of today, you'll also get access to two additional trainings, including Media One Ready and Meet the Media Training.


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Got Questions? 

I've Got Answers!

Still have questions?
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What are the benefits to having a pitching and publicity pipeline?
Having a pitching and publicity pipeline can greatly improve your brand visibility. It can help you reach new audiences, build relationships with key influencers and media outlets, generate more leads, and ultimately increase your conversions. Additionally, it can save you time by providing a structured approach to your outreach efforts and allow you to track progress and analyze performance over time. With an effective pitching and publicity pipeline in place, you will be able to maximize the potential of each marketing campaign.
How is The Good News Course different from other courses?
In our competitive research, we found that there is nothing like this out there. There is software, there is agency support, consulting support, and then, of course, going the way of building out an internal team and even still, there are no blueprints that help you create and scale a powerful pitching and publicity machine, and cover the solutions that we've provided to pain points that practitioners with 30+ years experience still have.

And this is a culmination of all the things, the formulas, the dashboard, the innovations, that I wish I had as I implemented this blueprint at various companies and with various teams throughout my career.
How much time does it take to create a Good News Program?
The course is designed to help you set up and launch your Good News Program in 30 days. We've also covered how to scale efforts inside the business of your business without building out an internal team or hiring an expensive agency. More times than not I've been a team of one or had a skeleton crew and had to cover 10+ disciplines. You will benefit from the blueprint that I developed in order to do my job, and look like a team of 10.
What if I don't feel ready to be in front of the media?
That's okay. We cover everything you need to feel comfortable and confident in front of any media. You'll know exactly what to ask for in advance and how to prepare to answer any and all questions with as little as 10 minutes preparation.
I'm a PR professional. Will this course work for me?
If you want to up-level your skills, then this is the course for you. The Good News Course is based on the blueprint that I've developed over the last 20 years and working for startups, agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and VIPs. You’ll also receive one-of-a-kind solutions to pain points that even the most experienced practitioners have, all contained within one single, simple, scalable blueprint.
Does this replace marketing needs?
It depends. For many PR can create greater visibility, cloud, and credibility for their brand and so long as they know how to turn those borrowed audiences into owned audiences (which we show you how to do in the Good News Course) then having a Good News Program can cover everything you need to attract high ticket customers and clients.
Will this help me manage my brand's reputation?
Absolutely! Most brands don't know the importance of owning their own narrative. And even more so in times of a sudden uptick in negative stories, where your best defense is precursory and ongoing, ever-building media pitching of positive stories that outnumber negative. It's what we call having an "always on" approach and it's the difference between riding a wave of negativity and thriving in spite of a small roadbump.
I'm only interested in being in my industry niche media. How will this course help me do that?
The Good News Program works regardless of industry or niche and each week you'll receive one aspect of setting up your own Good News Program. This will include teaching, demonstrations, micro tutorials (that will also help train you, your current team or your future team), as well as field frequently asked questions, and lots of real-world examples from our combined experience doing this for startups, agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and VIPs.
What about top media?
The Good News Course was designed to scale efforts fast, and that includes getting into your Dream 100 and for many customers that is mostly comprised on top media publiciations.
And new media (podcasting)?
Yes! New media or podcasting is a great place to create incredible visibility, clout, and credibility and we designed the blueprint for all types of media, including new media. We've also included specific frameworks for working with producers of leading podcasts.

14-day Money-back Guarantee

If The Good News Course truly does not help you create and launch your pitching and publicity pipeline, simply email us your Good News Dashboard and completed Module 1-3 assignments and completed tabs in your Good News Dashboard within 14 days of purchase, and we will issue you a full refund.

After those 14 days, you're stuck with us! (Though I think you'll see that's a very good thing. 😉)

If you've read this far...

You can go and invest, in yourself, and your business. Or you can end this webinar now and tomorrow you can do the same thing you’ve been doing. I personally invite you to do take the first option…because the second option never made me happier.

Imagine where you could be just one month from now.

  • You're ready to get your story out there.
  • You're ready to stop wondering about how to pitch to top media, industry media and new media.
  • You're ready to start seeing the gains through increased visibility, clout and credibility.
  • You're ready for a way to stand out in a competitive landscape.
  • You're ready for a way to get there with less stress, less overwhelm, more joy, and more profits!
  • You're ready for The Good News Course.
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Good News Dashboard
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Headline Starter List
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