You want to get media attention but you don’t have a public relations department and your in-house team is stretched thin.

Our team members have worked with amazing clients

You want to get media attention but you don’t have a public relations department and your in-house team is stretched thin. 

You know that you need to drive more media hits

And you know that instead of pitching into an expensive and seemingly black void, that there has got to be a way to get consistent media attention.

And you’d be right, there is.

But there are a few key problems with getting media coverage that are rarely discussed.

You hear about all these people seeing big success using tools with big databases. So what are you doing wrong that everyone else is doing right?

Have you ever used an expensive tool with a promising database of journalists and pissed off more journalists than not? You don’t want to be that person. 

The secret is that most of those big databases are dramatically outdated and overpriced. I’m sure you’ve felt it when you spend your budget on tools only to find out that there is a free alternative that is easier to use and drives better results!

Hacks and Tricks Don't work

One thing we’ve noticed over 30 years of industry experience is that when tools or agencies promise you the world without having to do anything, they probably aren’t going to drive results. The “hacks” and tricks are typically more hassle than they're worth.

But finding a good system, that is a different story.

A good workflow doesn’t mean that you won’t be putting in the reps, it means that every rep will be concentrated on what will drive results. We think of it as the old cliche of working smarter not harder.

What if there was a blueprint that aggregated only the best tools and workflows for your team to use to generate consistent media impressions without spending hours on unproductive efforts? That’d be pretty amazing, right?


A cohort style 4-week training that gives you everything you need to build a successful PR machine.

Each week we’ll cover one aspect of setting up your own Good News Program. You’ll receive one-of-a-kind solutions to pain points that even the most experienced practitioners have, all contained within one single, simple blueprint. You’ll also receive assets and assignments to keep you on target to turn on your Good News Program in record time.

  • Matt French
    “Shanté understands people. From corporate executives to retail customers, she has an amazing ability to know what they want and need, often before they know it themselves. She expertly uses her talents and experience with brand and PR to connect people with the brands she represents. Her detailed, measured, and confident style of leadership engenders strong belief in those with whom she works.”
    Cameron Johnson
    “Josh is without a doubt one of the best marketing strategists I've had the pleasure of working with. As a natural leader and strategic thinker, Josh always has a way of turning potential into reality. Early in my career I was fortunate enough to have him be both my manager and mentor. In that time I saw him not only make his clients millions in revenue year-over-year, but I also got to see him reshape and reinvent the marketing for entire industries. There are few people I've been more fortunate to know and even fewer I've learned more from than Josh.”

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We've developed this program for tight-knit classroom-style cohorts. Due to the success of the program, cohorts are filling up fast. Use the link below to purchase a seat in our next cohort.

6 Core Focuses of Good News

The Good News Program and Blueprint has 6 core focuses to get you in the media
How to Get Publicity
Learn how getting publicity actually works and what journalists, producers and editors are looking for. 
Who to Pitch
You’ll be given the tools to build your own media lists that are hyper-relevant to your brand, and at scale. Even the most experienced practitioners don’t know about this! 
How to Pitch Stories That Get Noticed
We teach you how to approach journalists to make meaningful connections. See your email open rate skyrocket.
Where to Find Contacts to Pitch
We don’t use outdated and over-complicated databases. Instead, we teach you how to build a list of niche-specific publications and contacts that will propel your business forward. 
What to Pitch
Most story ideas pitched don’t get more than a second or two in a journalist’s mind. We teach you how to craft stories that take up mental real estate.
How to Measure Success
Your job isn’t done once your stories go live. You’ll learn how to quantify efforts, as well as analyze strategy. You’ll also learn which metrics to focus on and how to leverage them for more...money, media, and opportunities.

Introducing our 100x Multiplier

Our 100x Multiplier module is what literally takes the full Good News system and multiplies results by 100x.

Imagine having a hoard of niche relevant journalists begging for your attention. Every brand’s dream, right?

This module is the closest thing to that. We’ll teach you how to scale the system through outsourced talent so you can plug into the hot opportunities that will maximize exposure.

Even better, we’ll provide you with the standard operating procedures to take a new intern, virtual assistant, or current team member from onboarding all the way to eloquently communicating with the media on your behalf. All they need to do is go through our provided training series.

10 Takeaways You'll Walk Away With

The Good News Program is designed to be actionable. Our workflows will get you driving results ASAP.
1. What tools you need to use to find the right journalists, and at scale
2. How to use tools to scale your connections
3. How to prime journalists to get on their radar prior to reaching out
4. How to find where competitors are getting attention so you can match them one-to-one
5. How to masterfully craft a media one-sheet
6. How to create a list of over 1,000 stories to pitch in less time than it takes to write a press release
7. How to craft an offer so you send your media hits to assets that will drive revenue
8. How to get consistent media pickup through virtual assistants and interns
9. Learn how to avoid vanity metrics and which metrics will actually grow your brand
10.Learn how to speak to metrics in a way that will make your team look like a rockstar

Join the Next Training Cohort

We've developed this program for tight-knit classroom-style cohorts. Due to the success of the program, cohorts are filling up fast. Use the link below to purchase your seat in our next cohort.

Meet Your Instructors

Shanté Micah

Shanté is a veteran of the PR and marketing space. She’s built brands for startups and Fortune 500 companies, walked the red carpet at the Academy Awards and Emmys, been the face and personality for brands and products, and launched many award-winning campaigns.

Josh Moody

Josh is an award-winning marketer who has built and executed campaigns for companies such as Salesforce and Discover. A system builder and innovator, he has created workflows that have generated millions in revenue. Josh is also a marketing instructor at Galvanize and General Assembly.

But don't take our word for it

  • Lyndi Bascom Smith
    Senior Vice President Marketing and Communications, Young Living Essential Oils

    “Shanté is a brilliant marketer, leader, and communicator. She has proven success in building strategic frameworks, elevating organizations' brand awareness and reputation while motivating teams and individuals to perform at their best. She is passionate about people and has the ability to increase performance and create unity.”

    Kade Call
    Co-Founder - Klicker Marketing

    “I would recommend Josh 100% for just about any marketing initiative, without needing to know the details. He’s that good. Not only has he consistently led top-performing teams, in terms of numbers and results, but he’s also won a myriad of awards for his work while building and overseeing an R&D department to improve marketing and communications for us all.”


Next Cohort Starts in 

Give your brand an unfair advantage

Everything You Need to Become the Media Go-to in Your Niche

The tools to help you identify ideal writers, editors, producers, (at scale!) as well as their extended network


What to pitch, including stories, media sheets, and offers that captivate


How to scale efforts and prepare to meet the media


The ultimate dashboard for productivity, managing, monitoring and reporting on success

Bonus #1

Next Level media contact building

Bonus #2

Hiring, Onboarding, Managing, + More

Bonus #3

250+ Headline Starters that Work

Total Value

We're not going to charge you $13,982, even though it would be a steal at that one-time price.

We know billion-dollar brands working with top 5 agencies, paying six figures (a month!), and still struggle to get enough media coverage across their spread.

You can see why this program would be a steal at $14,000, but we're not going to charge you that.

We're also not going to charge you $7,500 or even $5,000.

Join the Next Training Cohort for only $1,997

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?
Contact us
Is Good News a public relations agency?
No. Good News is a training program that provides businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs all the workflows and training to drive massive exposure.

We do not offer a monthly fulfillment service for Public Relations or Marketing.
How long does it take to get media pick up?
You’ll be ready to send out your first pitch within a couple of weeks and depending on your targets you’ll start receiving media pickup shortly thereafter. Caveat, media pitching is a numbers game and we’ve stacked the cards in your favor but giving you the best system to get media pick up where you want and now.
Does this work for getting featured on podcasts?
The Good News PR Blueprint works for all media outreach, including new media.
What about local media or super niche publications?
Absolutely. We will provide all necessary elements to turn it on and scale as much as you want and across as many content categories, media types, and media sizes, from top media to industry to local.
Do I have to hire an agency?
No, our program is geared to helping you build a PR system and while it will prepare you for an agency partner, you do not need to hire, onboard, or manage an agency partner in order to get results.
Are there tools that I’ll need?
We love tools! We’ll show you the tools that even the most experienced practitioners aren’t aware of and the sharpest, most innovative way to connect with your dream contacts. These are the best of the best and how to scale results in the most elegant, powerful, and non-spammy way. 
Can I outsource the management of the Good News system?
The beauty of our system is that you can hire out much of the day-to-day of it. You cannot hire out the management of it though. You may be able to find someone who can manage the ongoing strategy but the metrics that matter most will always need to be managed and advocated for by you. In our experience, this is the reason even the biggest and best teams working with top-five agencies either thrive or fail.
Do you provide trained virtual assistants?
Hiring is a deeply personal experience. We've provided everything you will need to find, hire, onboard, train, and manage your hire or existing team members for your Good News blueprint and program.