Boost Your Visibility and Credibility: 

A 30-Day Plan for Securing Publicity and Becoming a Thought Leader Without Building an Internal Team or Hiring an Agency 

A free class hosted by:
Shanté Micah, Good News
We’re going to be talking about some exciting stuff. We’re going to be talking about how to get more clients through publicity (vs. marketing) and how to become the media’s go-to thought leader, as well as how to turn on your brand’s pitching and publicity machine and increase your visibility, clout, and credibility, all in under 30 days, and without building an internal team or hiring an expensive agency.

My goal…if you stay until the end…I will show you how to find top media contacts and establish connections that will improve your pitch to publicity rate, and improve your visibility with your high-ticket clients.

I will walk you through specific systems and workflows that are earning high yield and high-value media. But I will tell you, results are certainly not typical and the average person who attends any training and doesn’t take the required action gets zero results. However, I’m happy to show you exactly what’s worked for me and my clients - for FREE. There’s a lot of myths around the PR space and I want to bust as many of those myths as possible because it is an incredibly powerful medium to build a brand, a business, a personal and professional persona.