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Option #1: Good News Implementation Program

We Can Help You Create and Launch Your Own Pitching and Publicity Pipeline
Get help creating your own Good News Program.
During this program, we help you create your own media-getting publicity pipeline that you can use to get top media, local media, industry, and niche media, as well as new media for you, your VIPs, your business, and your products and services.
As part of this Good News Accelerator Program, you’ll get the following:
Help to create your media list.
Developing stories that resonate with audiences about you, your brand, your products, and your services.
Help with pitching at scale and preparing to meet the media with confidence.
Access to the Good News training portal with guided lessons.
This program follows our Good News Blueprint for creating, launching, and scaling your pitching and publicity pipeline.

Option #2: PR Private Client

Become a Private Client
We Can Create and Launch Your Pitching and Publicity Pipeline
As a Private Client, you’ll be able to leverage our years of experience building, scaling, and managing media acquisition pipelines to maximize your business's profit while enjoying less stress and more freedom.
When you become a private client, we will:
Give you lifetime access to all the training, coaches, and more inside our Good News Implementation Program...
Design a publicity strategy to bring media to your brand...
Create the media list and write the pitches that get attention…
Design, build, and set up a media getting funnel required to pitch at scale…
Launch your GN! Program, train you on running the day-to-day and handling all media interactions…
And much, much more.
This is a 100% done-for-you service.
We can only service a limited number of done-for-you clients at a time. Space is limited.

Option #3: ORM Private Client

Become a Private Client
In the digital age, your reputation is your most valuable asset; let us transform it into your greatest strength.
When you become an ORM Private Client, you initiate a 9-12 month campaign where we redefine your digital presence, utilizing AI and authoritative content to replace negativity with a compelling positive narrative.
When you become a private client, we will:
Review your online presence, identifying keywords that protect your brand's reputation.
Use AI to intercept negative content, ensuring your brand stays at the top of Google's search results.
Create positive content, helping your brand outshine any negative narratives.
Boost positive posts, securing their ranking above any unfavorable URLs.
Leverage data insights, uncovering opportunities to enhance your brand's online standing.
Deliver regular progress reports, providing transparency and understanding of your ORM campaign's effectiveness.
This is a 100% done-for-you service.
We can only service a limited number of done-for-you clients at a time. Space is limited.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Does It Cost to Work With You?
Pricing ranges from $3,000 to $75,000 depending on the level of service and help you’re looking for. Book a call to speak with one of our advisors, and we’ll help you find the best solution for your budget and goals.
Who is Good News For?
Good News is for those who want to cultivate visibility, clout, and credibility - simultaneously. We've taken 30 years of combined PR & marketing experience and created easy-to-implement, scalable blueprints and powerful tools that get results.

Our Good News Blueprint is packaged into two form factors optimized for the best application.

1 - Brands looking to build an in-house PR program and pipeline that generates month-over-month results.

2 - Business builders and practitioners looking to increase visibility, clout, and credibility, level up their skills, and stop wasting time buildings systems from scratch.
Is Good News an Agency?
While we do take on private clients, Good News has many programs that provide businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs with different solutions to drive massive exposure without expensive retainers.

In short, we have several fast implementation programs to fit all budgets and needs. We also provide a few done-for-you services. These fill up fast.