Drive Millions of Impressions Without Spending Hours a Day

At Good News we provide simple solutions to help brands get noticed. We've taken 30 years of combined PR & marketing experience and created easy-to-implement, scalable blueprints and powerful tools that get results.

Build your Good News program and become the Media's GO-TO THOUGHT LEADER

Start and scale your own pitching and publicity machine fast.
Learn how getting publicity actually works and what journalists, producers and editors are looking for.
Build your own media lists that are hyper-relevant to your brand, and at scale. Whether it be top media, industry media, local media or new media -  find the right publications to propel your business forward.
What to Pitch
Most pitches don’t get more than a second or two in a journalist’s mind. We teach you how to craft stories that take up mental real estate.
Grow your Audience
We cover how to turn those borrowed audiences into your audience, and then potential new clients and customers.
How to Scale
Pitching is a numbers game. We provide the form factor, workflows, and tools to turn your program on and scale inside the business of your business.
Your job isn’t done once your stories go live. It's all about quantifying efforts, analyzing strategy, and understanding what metrics matter most and then how to leverage them for more...money, media, and opportunities.


We help our clients create and scale their own pitching and publicity pipeline. If you'd like to know more about our programs and services, use the button below to book a strategy session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Good News for?
Good News is for those who want to cultivate visibility, clout, and credibility - simultaneously. We've taken 30 years of combined PR & marketing experience and created easy-to-implement, scalable blueprints and powerful tools that get results.

Our Good News Blueprint is packaged into two form factors optimized for the best application.

     1 - Brands looking to build an in-house PR program and pipeline that generates month-over-month results.

     2 - Business builders and practitioners looking to increase visibility, clout, and credibility, level up their skills, and stop wasting time buildings systems from scratch.
Is Good News an Agency?
While we do take on private clients, Good News has many programs that provide businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs with different solutions to drive massive exposure without expensive retainers.

In short, we have several fast implementation programs to fit all budgets and needs. We also provide a few done-for-you services. These fill up fast.
How can I contact Good News?
The best way to contact Good News is to hit the Book a Call button.
Who should not work with Good News?
Good News is built with the purpose of helping brands, professionals, and entrepreneurs reach their brand awareness goals. In the pursuit, we strive to be clear regarding who would not benefit fully from our offerings.

Here are a few scenarios where Good News may not be for you:

Need a PR agency
If you are looking for an agency to fulfill PR or marketing services, our Good News programs or tools may not be for you. Our offerings are geared toward helping you build a PR system in-house, and while it will prepare you for an agency partner, we do not offer full-suite agency services.

Unwilling to put in the work
Generating results takes hard work and effort. While Good News removes the need to create systems that drive success, it does not remove the need to manage the process, people, workflows, and refinement of that system. This takes effort. The good news is that we teach you how to outsource the actual work so that it doesn't take you hours per day (and hours away from the business of your business) to implement.